by Sha'de Ray - Tue, July 25th 2023

PENSACOLA, Fla -- Rising property insurance is becoming a big problem for many homeowners in Northwest Florida.

The costs can be overwhelming depending on where you live.

Three new Florida laws could have a huge impact in what you pay.

The laws only took effect earlier this month. It could take some time to really see the difference in your premium.

Senate Bill 7052 includes prohibiting an insurance company from changing an adjuster's report without providing a detailed explanation.

Insurance agent Mary Jordan says the law also requires a copy to be sent to the property owner.

The second law expands insurance discount programs for taking steps to harden a home against wind damage.

"Some of them have to do with wind protection," Jordan, owner of Gulf Coast Insurance said. "The more wind protection devices outside of that could be a different shingle, it could be some additional weather protection for the actual roof decking."

Jordan says this leads into the third law, which allows people to apply for state funding to further protect their homes from hurricane winds in the “My Safe Florida Home Program." She says these new changes will only impact future claims.

"So like any of the lawsuits that are coming from Ian, none of those fall under the preview of these new laws coming in because they were before these laws came into effect," Jordan said.

Realtor Robin McArthur says she also thinks this could help property owners but there’s still more than be done to make insurance easier.

"They're trying to fix a broken situation, a lot of these things are common sense things that should be happening all along," McArthur said.

If these change will lower insurance rates, Jordan says we’d have to wait at least two years to see the impact.